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Presented by Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

Board Certified Neurologist from Stanford

Reboot Your Brain:

The 3 New Scientific Discoveries That Show Us How to Reduce Migraines Naturally

In this FREE training you’ll discover:

  • How my students are cutting their headaches in half 
  • ​Why pills only deal with symptoms, and aren’t the long-term solution that most people with migraines are looking for 
  • ​How we can rewire the brain so it doesn't make so many headaches 
  • ​The most important supplement that people with migraines often overlook
  • ​How the newly discovered glymphatic system can help us detox our brains and improve headaches

Masterclass for people who want to learn how to harness the brain’s innate capacity to heal to reduce their headaches

About your host

When I first started trying to reduce my own migraines, I wanted to find ways to tap into my body's natural ability to heal - but I still wanted solutions that were based in good science. 

It took years to sort through it all and  figure out what's truly effective, versus what's just hype.  And I have an MD!  I can't imagine how hard it is without a scientific background!

That's why I created this course.  To give people with migraines the shortcut.  To save them from years of trial and error with Dr. Google. 

I cannot imagine any work that could be more rewarding than helping people transform their lives. When people start to recover from migraines, I get to see their eyes light up the first time they go several days or weeks without pain! 

Best. Job. Ever. 

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